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Helpful Resources

These additional resources will assist you in making informed decisions regarding your remodeling project.

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Be the Envy of Your Friends and Create Your Perfect Designer Kitchen.

How would you like a designer kitchen like those in the magazines? It can be done if you know how.

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Your Homes Flooring Makes a Statement

Your home's flooring can play a multitude of rolls. It can be an eyepopping focal point or just blend into the background and be part of the overal design theme.

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Should You Purchase?

When building or remodeling a home there are hundreds of decisions that have to be made. From the very start of designing the spaces to the finishing touches of what tile, paint or appliances to choose.

If you are working with a builder, it may seem like a good idea to purchase items yourself to save money. But do you really?

Like you, most reputable builders actually do shop around to find the best pricing for you. But what a lot of homeowners may not know is that usually homeowners pay retail and contractors and tradespeople get industry discounts.

Depending upon the mark up that your contractor puts on the materials (which you should know up front before contracting), in most occasions it comes out to be a wash.

So here is the part that is really important. In most cases, if you purchase the items, you are responsible for anything that goes wrong! The building and remodeling process is difficult already without those kind of headaches.

For every broken tile or appliance that is not functioning properly or wrong color sent, you have to sort it out with the vendor or manufacturer; not your contractor.

So the mark up pays for the contractor to place order, check status, quality control materials as they come in and most importantly deal with all issues that come up.

So to sum it up, in the end you want to weigh whether that is something that you really want to take on as you are probably not saving much money; if any by purchasing yourself unless your contractor is marking up too high of which as mentioned before, you should know before contracting and get it in writing.

Be Sure to Pick the Appliances that Best Suit your Family's Needs

Appliances can be one of the costliest parts of a kitchen remodel. Learn what you need to know.

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Natural Hardwood Floors Nothing Says Beauty Like Them

Natural hardwoods are the most sought after flooring. No flooring adds as much value to your home as natural hardwood flooring.

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Chromotherapy - Color at Its Best

Can color really make you feel better? Chromotherapy believers think so.

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Whole House Automation Changing the Way you Live.

Life has just become easier with whole house automation. Integrate all of your homes systems into one.

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Lighting Design

If done properly, a good lighting design will not only create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining but for everyday living as well.

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Learn Designing Basics to Help Create the Home of Your Dreams.

Creative designing need not be costly but shoud be unique and show your style. Learn designing basics to help create the home of your dreams.

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