HomeZada - A Homeowner's New Friend

If you have spent anytime on this site, then you know that there has never been a time where a whole page has been dedicated to a specific product but this page is the exception.

I have recently come across a product called HomeZada that I think is worthy of such an honor. What a brilliant concept.

It strikes at the very core of what the remodeling101.com site and ebook 10 Steps to Remodeling Success were created to do; to assist homeowners with organizing the remodeling process into manageable steps so that anyone can achieve success.

With time being a premium these days, HomeZada takes it one step further and presents an opportunity to not only manage your home remodeling projects, but also any other critical home activities and data you may have into one convenient place.

This new easy access software technology creates a place to keep, manage and organize critical data; from documenting all your home's property in the event of an insurance claim to tracking scheduled maintenance and your budget and much more; HomeZada has it all.

The HomeZada News & Alerts keeps you up to date on important information and overdue tasks. How much easier can it get for the homeowner.

There is even a mobile app for the technologically advanced!

This product will change the way you handle your home.

I highly recommend a look see.

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Watch this brief video to get a look at what this software can do for you or just click here to learn more about HomeZada.

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