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CAT5 and 3 Way Switch Wiring

Terms like CAT6 and 3 way switch wiring, Lutron dimmers and structured wiring, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters have become an important part of today's electrical jargon.

With ever changing technology, the lighting and associated wiring continue evolving making accurate and detailed electrical plans a must.

Basic electrical home wiring is a thing of the past and no longer enough.

Thought must be given to each element as it relates to function, aesthetics and newly available automated systems and lighting.

This must be done early in the design process as most all of this wiring is done prior to the walls being closed.

Nailing down the type of lighting and other types of systems to be used will help keep your project on schedule.

Simplifying Everyday Life

Although the new systems available are complex ironically their intention is to simplify your life. You can now integrate all of your homes main systems into a whole house automation. Even if you are not ready for this type of system or budget does not allow, you should consider doing the pre-wiring for the future if at all possible.

As technology advances, there is a good chance that down the road someday there will be something you would like to add and it is a whole lot easier if the wiring is already in the wall. The wires remain there until you are ready to use them. The cost for this is minimal at this stage of the project.

It is also a good idea to have your contractor mark up a set of plans with the wiring locations enabling you to easily find them at a later date.

Planning a Room

When planning the electrical for a room, it is necessary to think about all of the rooms function not just the lighting. As we will discuss however, identifying the "type" of lighting and equipment to be used in the room will help expedite the process.

Physically walking in and out of a room will help determine locations of switches especially the 3 way switch wiring.

We will also discuss different lighting control options as well as the different lamps (bulbs) that should be used for the different types of affects desired as well as new automated systems.

In planning our rooms we must consider the outlet and switch locations as well as their functions. CAT5 and 3 way switch wiring will be explained along with other options in the switch and outlet section of this website.

For Now and the Future

Before the final decisions on upgrades are made however, it is a good idea to have your current electrical service checked to see if it has enough capacity to accommodate the added requirements.

If it is not, simply adding a sub-panel may suffice or you may have to upgrade to a larger service. This is well worth the investment and is not a huge investment.

This may also be a good idea anyway if the current service is border line so that it also is ready for the future.

Important word of caution: if you are not qualified diy electrical is highly discouraged as it presents many dangers including fires and electrocution.

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