Big Gap to Fill

by Randy


My wife and I are updating our kitchen kind of a diy with some assistance and we have a problem that we have not seen anywhere.

We had a stone vendor come in and install a new stone counter top and a subway tile backsplash. When he did he put it in level so the tile would follow the line from the counter to the upper cabinets.

The problem is that the base cabinets apparently were never level or have sunken with the floor which has created a 3/8 inch gap between the bottom of the counter and the stone.

We are replacing our cabinet doors and putting a veneer on the front but our helper tells us that we might see the void in the back.

Not sure what to do.

Hope this makes sense.


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Big Gap to Fill
by: Anonymous

Hello Randy

I have not encountered that issue as bad as you describe but have had an issue where I've had to fill a pretty big gap on an exterior sill that had rotted and could not be removed without a major modification to the outside.

The client asked us to look at alternatives and I came across a fairly new product put out by Abatron. It is called LiquidWood and was very effective.

It goes on almost like a Bondo type product but actually hardens very hard and can be sanded shaped painted or stained. It is a two part system and it worked out very well for us.

One thing that I would recommend if you can access the interior of the cabinets easily would be to put a "ground" on the inside to contain the product from going into the interior of the cabinet. This could be a small block of wood that you could tack in place or a small angle iron.

That way you can really force the putty into the gap. Once dry you can sand and paint along with the cabinet.

Hope you find this helpful. Let me know how you make out.

Thanks for reaching out to

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