Using An Interior Designer

An interior designer can offer practical experience along with technical knowledge of products, materials and finishes available in the marketplace.

Unlike architects, they tend to deal mostly with the function and aesthetic design of the interior spaces. They also will help with space planning which can be really tricky when dealing with unusual sized or shaped spaces.

When deciding on an interior designer, one should look for certifications. Certified designers have more education and training to help make your dream a reality. Be sure to ask about specialties that may be of interest or necessity to your family’s lifestyle.

Design Specialists

Some professionals specialize in certain types of design such as "barrier free" making designs more functional and accessible for those with physical limitations. There are also ones whose specialty is eco-design also known as “green” building and design. These are environmentally safe designs with an emphasis on conservation.

Be sure to let them know your preferences regarding decorating styles, favorite color and textures. This will assist them in coming up with an initial plan for your project. This would be the time to dig out the scrapbook of ideas that you have been putting together as discussed in the Master Plan.

There are many upsides to using interior designers, they are usually less expensive than architects and generally tend to keep up more on current trends.

They can also be used in conjunction with architects if you so choose.

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