Architects; A Homeowners Friend

Architects can offer a tremendous amount of input during all phases of the project. Once you decide to hire one, look for one that specializes in residential construction.

They will tend to be more up to date on current trends and code requirements.

They have the education, skills and experience to help you all the way through the process.

They can assist in keeping your budget in tact and also eliminate costly errors before they happen. If your project is large, you may want to consider having them review all invoices prior to payment.

Here are a few hints to help you get off on the right foot with an architect.

  • Discuss your ideas with them. Perhaps if you were able to follow the steps in the Master Plan, you can show them your scrapbook of things you like.

  • Have a conversation during your first meeting with them regarding fees and payments terms. It will take the pressure off the rest of the way if you decide to continue.

  • If you don’t have a contractor selected already, ask if they have one they would recommend. Work with them to create the preliminary budget for the project.

  • If you will not be working with a designer ask if they will help you select finishes and fixtures.

The remodeling process is often long and invasive. These professionals can help you not only with the technical aspect, but also with making sure that the project is being built as specified.

If you have other professionals on board and have confidence in your contractor’s abilities then you need not retain them for the duration of the project.

Realize however that they will always be looking out for your best interest; not the contractors. So consider carefully before choosing to let them go.

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