Cabinet Hardware; Knobs vs Pulls

Kitchen cabinet hardware is one of the design features that although functional its choices are usually selected purely from an aesthetic perspective.

Unless there is a specific concern or disability, most will function as intended.

There is some thought process however that goes into the pulls versus knobs selection.

It mainly is the science that goes with how we physically function as human beings and what is more comfortable to use in specific applications.

But when it comes right down to the function of the cabinet, if the hardware is in the right quantity and placed in the right location, than it should function as designed.

Choosing Hinges

Hinges come in a variety of applications. Each has the overall same function however there are some differences such as the angle to which a door can open.

Butt hinges are similar to those used on house doors but are smaller and usually more decorative. The size of the door determines the quantity of the hinges.

European (or Concealed) hinges are hidden from view and are available with different opening degrees. Some open as little as 90 degrees while others open to as much as 130 degrees.

Piano (or continuous) hinges are rarely used for cabinets but are often found as the middle hinged portion of a Lazy Susan door. Although they can function as well as the other types, they are not very aesthetically pleasing.

Knife hinges are a partially visible hinge. They have really gone out of style since the emergence of European hinges. Although difficult to find they are still available from some sources if you must replace your older hinges.

Drawer Slides

Drawer slides have come a long way in the last two decades. They are simply much more functional and longer lasting. This cabinet hardware although not seen plays a very important role in how well your drawers will function.

Slides are ordered by the depth of the drawer and have a maximum capacity weight per pair. Most designers prefer to specify the full extension type slides which are the most functional.

There are two basic qualities when looking at slides. There the Economy type slides and the Ball Bearing type.

Economy types include a single track slide, wood insert center slides and epoxy coated slides. These slides are not known for their longevity or smoothness of operation.

On the other side we have the Ball Bearing type. These are made stronger to not only last longer but offer up a much smoother gliding action.

Best money is to get the best slides that your budget will allow. It will pay off in the long run.

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