Alternative Heating Solutions

When looking for alternative heating solutions, one type jumps to the front of the heap these days.

Radiant heat once a very costly alternate; out of the reach of most average homeowners has had a significant drop over the last 10 years.

The drop in cost is not the only reason for it's insurgence though; there are now multiple uses and types of installation methods available as well.

Once used only on floors, today radiant heat is also being used under stone tub decks and behind tiled shower walls.

There is the standard hydronic tube type set into mud beds below the floors surface and then there is also the electrical and hydronic panels that contain the radiant heat loops already in them.

These have become very popular with the diy heating and plumbing homeowners because they are easier to install.

Other Options

Other alternative heating solutions to consider are the Electric Fireplace, Electric Heat Pumps, Wood and Pellet Stoves. Each has its place but are not for everyone. Research them and choose your best option.

  • Electric Fireplaces. With the soaring price of natural gas and home heating oil, homeowners are turning to these inexpensive alternatives to help keep costs down. The newer versions have a very good efficiency rating. Some operating with heat for as little as eight cents per hour.

  • Electric heat pump. An electric heat pump simply takes warm air from outside and transfers it inside. In the summer, it does the opposite taking warm air and moving it out of the house.

    This type of system is only recommended if you live in an area that requires moderate heating and cooling. They are not an effective choice for an area with year round high temperatures and humidity or areas that are extremely cold most of the year.

  • Wood stoves seem to have been around forever in one style or another. They can be an effective form of heat if they are strategically placed in the home and are assisted by air movement fans. If there is not a good central location, you may require more than one unit or just consider using it as a supplemental heating source.

  • Pellet stoves an up and coming popular way to heat or add supplemental heat to the home. Pellet stoves burn much cleaner that wood stoves but need electricity to operate them. This can be problematic if you live in an area that has frequent power outages.

If a whole house renovation is in your plans, you may want to consider an HVAC system. This is definitely the best solution to heating and cooling.

Power Your New System

When looking at alternative heating services to save money, be sure to look at alternate ways to power them as well.

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