Victorian Decor

Flowers and fine porcelain adorn the Victorian space. Accessories and window dressings of velvet and lace made its way into everyday décor.

Along with dark wood tones, dark colors fabrics and embellishments can be seen throughout. These spaces appear to have more lace and frills and tend to be a bit more feminine.

Colors like burgundy, rich greens and blues. Lighter mauve was also part of the scheme.

Traditional style lamps, including crystal, brass and porcelain light the way.

Finicky upholstered furniture and stained glass are customary in this picky interior. Ornamental plaster moldings, which were common in days gone by, can be reproduced less expensively today with pre-cast moldings available from many different sources.

If the space is done correctly, there is a feeling of prim and proper.

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