Southwestern Decorating Style

A wonderful contrast of earth tones and bold colors are prominent in Southwestern design. Colorful weaves of orange; turquoise and reds are common along with the use of greens and purples.

Natural materials like wrought iron candle holders, adobe fireplaces and hand carved furniture are seen throughout. Wood is generally natural or whitewashed. The feel seems to always be that of Native American and Spanish decent.

Stone, tile and brick floors are prevalent, usually covered with some colorful area rugs full of unusual geometric designs. Navajo rugs are also used as beautiful wall hangings. The use of Native American artifacts, iron and silver are popular for accessorizing each space.

When thinking of lighting your space, consider using the beautiful sand painted fixtures. These are wonderful symbolic pieces that are not only functional but also are works of art. One word of caution though, they are not recommended for humid locations.

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