Shaker Style

A lifestyle almost untouched by modern day, the Shaker style is one of sheer simplicity with timeless appeal.

It is the perfect design as it can only work if there is a union of form and function.

Named for a religious sect that lived and worshiped in self-sufficient communities, it is not only a decorating style but also a way of life for the still existing villages.

They rely on purely the earth and each other to survive and it was their belief that the beauty found in something was in its usefulness. They made all of their furniture including the ladder-back chair, which has become synonymous with this group. Furnishings are simple yet handcrafted to an elegant perfection.

Quilts made from natural colors of the earth adorn racks and blanket chests. Accessories are not ornate but functional. Baskets are used to hold everything from needlepoint, yarns as well as dry goods and spice for those with covers. Handled baskets called carriers were used to gather fruits, vegetables and other herbs from the garden.

Spiritualism is at the core of their beliefs and that God provided everything they needed to live. Therefore it was only natural that the colors seen in these homes were those seen in nature such as the blue in the sky and greens of the grasses.

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