Plumbing Fixtures to Fit Your Style

Copper faucet set up with all the extras.

Like bath fixtures, kitchen plumbing fixtures have totally reinvented themselves in today's marketplace.

What use to be a simple choice at the plumbing supply house or home center has turned into intelligent designs with a flair far from ordinary.

Whatever your desire it is certainly their for the taking.


New Choices

Wall mounted pot filler.

New to the plumbing market this decade is the insurgence of faucets with built-in sprayers and touch faucets.

Running a close second are pot filler.

Unlike a lot of other design trends, these items are actually a very functional must have; particularly the pot fillers.

No more lugging heavy pans filled with water from sink to the stove. Just place the pan under the filler and then just fill.

Plan your budget accordingly though as all these little extras can add up, but get what you can as they will simplify your life.

Whether your style taste is in European, contemporary, traditional or minimalist there is something for everyone.

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