Mediterranean Decorating Style

Mediterranean style decor ranges from simple to totally formal.

Porcelain and clay pottery, tapestries and wrought iron can be seen throughout these old world style spaces.

Glazed sand rubbed or textured plaster walls are a standard finish.

Dark tones of green, blues, yellows and terra cotta represent natural colors of the earth and sea.

Although heavy and made of dark hardwoods, furniture is arranged for intimate social gatherings. Paintings and sculptures are common decorations in this decorating style along with glass and iron. Niches, mantels and counters usually have soft rounded edges called a bullnose.

Rely on as much natural light as possible, but when needed chandeliers, wall sconces and pendants are designed of heavy wrought iron while vintage glass diffuses the soft-illumination.

These wonderful spaces portray a sense of symmetry and elegance.

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