English Country

English Country presents itself as a very comfortable and relaxed style however it can also look a bit fussy and formal if that is what you prefer.

Generally there is a mildly eclectic tone to this decorating style.

In traditional English Country soft colors of the garden tend to rule the day while rustic interiors favor the more muted autumn colors. Fireplaces are common not only in a main area like a living room but sometimes in every room. They also add to the feeling of coziness.

The use of wood and stone textures is prevalent throughout. Furniture colors range from the lighter pines to the dark stained oaks. Bookcases are big as well as landscape paintings and delicate china accents. Lots of accessories hanging on the walls bring a homey feeling to the space.

Floral themes in wall coverings and fabrics as well as the colors tie the areas together. Vintage linens and embroidered lace doilies are wonderful delicate accents against the darker furniture. Chintz fabrics also work well.Table lamps and soft lighting should be used instead of bright overheads.

The rooms usually with low ceilings and family treasures perhaps handed down a generation or two fill the rooms. The softer lighting tends to give it a not so perfect but yet a very comfortable and inviting feel.

Add some fresh cut flowers and candles and you will have the perfect English Country setting.

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