Cottage Style

No untidiness here. Cottage style is a very orderly but charming style of decorating.

Wicker furniture and woven baskets lend a soft look while the colors tend to be inspired by garden hues.

Many cottages were a retreat for city dwellers that owned the single story structures to get away.

Often times they could be found near some sort of body of water.

Nautical accessories can be seen in these locations. Other accessories like hand painted seasonal décor, wall signs and birdhouses are prevalent in these wonderfully inviting spaces.

This comfortable relaxed style can be achieved with flea market finds, overstuffed sofas with slipcovers and wonderful floral fabrics scattered throughout. Photos of loved ones are proudly displayed on round covered tables with perhaps a glass top.

Windows are treated with long sheers that give a light and airy look to the space. Wood and bamboo blinds make a wonderful texture contrast to the sheered curtains.

Sconces, lanterns and lamps are necessities when lighting cottage style homes. Ceiling fixtures can also be used, but should be a simple, traditional and kept to a minimum.

All in all, this style is similar to many of the country styles in that it is nothing more than inviting, comfortable and simple.

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