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Remodeling Success Tips, Issue #003 -- Hiring Professionals
April 06, 2008

Hiring Professionals

Hiring the right professional will help make your remodeling project a success.

So how do you determine which professional is right for you?

In this edition of Remodeling Success Tips we will look at how to make the right choice.

Table of Contents

Issue #003 - April 7, 2008

So who are the professionals and what can they do for your project?

  1. Architects
  2. Structural Engineers
  3. Interior Designers
  4. Interior Decorators


Architects are professionals who have degrees in designing buildings for construction. What most people don't realize is that architects can do so much more.

If your project is a new construction, putting on an addition or moving rooms around, then an architect is a good choice.

But in addition architects have underated interor design skills as well as the ability to offer peace of mind as your representative.

If hired as your representative, they can assist in hiring the general contractor, review invoices as well as change orders.

Basically an architect can be a home owners best friend.

Structural Engineers

Structural Engineers are really only required if you are taking down any bearing walls in your home.

On a new structure, more than likely they will work for or in conjunction with the architect.

Most projects do not require structural engineers.

Interior Designers

Interior designers can provide many services that an architectural firm can. They can provide drawings with floor plans, elevations and furniture layouts.

They do not provide details and sections on how to build your project. This work is usually done by an architect.

In addition to space planning, interior designers usually will help you choose all the finishes including tile, paint and wall coverings, carpeting, flooring etc.

If you do not have to move or build any structural walls, an interior designer my fit the bill.

Interior Decorator

Interior decorators are really all you will need if you are just looking for a fresh new look.

Cosmetic changes are there forte. They can help you select all your new finishes as well as furniture, draperies and accessories to fit your new look.

They are a much cheaper alternative to interior designers. Many do not have a degree but just have a flair for color and aesthetics.

In our next newsletter, we will take a look at Hiring Contractors.

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