How Sound Therapy Works

Relaxation through sound therapy

Sound therapy stimulates receptor cells of the inner ear and then they are passed on to the brain.

Recent studies have shown that in order for humans to be totally healthy light and sound play an important role. Especially those of high frequencies that some folks are missing out on.

Aside from available cds, companies like Conair, Homedics and Brookstone to name a few have all manufactured many different types of sound therapy systems to help you energize your mind and body.

Effects of Sound Therapy

Nature Sound Music Therapy: Music for Dreaming with Rainforest Sounds

Have you ever given any thoughts about how sound plays a role in your every day life? Just think about how you feel when a favorite song comes on the radio.

You immediately perk up, maybe start singing or even dancing. Or you hear a song, maybe a favorite from a past love and you become sad or melancholy.

Then there are other types of sounds that just stress you out. Loud noises that disturb your sleep or work. Sound is all around us.

Sound therapy uses those sounds pleasant to you to achieve its benefits.

Some of the benefits reported by those who use it in controlled eviornments including educational facilities, hospitals and treatment programs are:

  • Better sleeping
  • Reduction of stress
  • Enhanced concentration
  • Improved hearing

So pick up a sound therapy cd to gain some tranquility in your life or just pop in your favorite artist for a quick pick me up.

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