Saving with Heating and Air Conditioning

Maintenance testing on condenser.

The system requirements to create an energy efficient heating and air conditioning system may differ depending upon where you live.

But one thing that won't change is making sure you hire a qualified professional to size your system appropriately.

This includes the sizing of your units as well as your ductwork.

In addition to a traditional system, there are new geothermal systems which will save even more over time but are much more costly to install initially.

Choosing Equipment

Hot water heaters and furnaces are available for most budgets but this is one place where even though there is no aesthetic value, you do not want to skimp.

These are the bones of your home.

You will want to purchase the best most efficient equipment you can afford.

Your source of energy is also a consideration.

Electricity has long been the most costly however with the cost of fuels rising; they are no longer as far apart as before.

Natural or propane gas, oil and electric units offer a myriad of choices.

To maintain efficiency as well as best air quality, it is important to change the filters in your furnace per the manufacturer's recommendation.


Programmable thermostat in action.

Changing your old thermostats to programmable ones will also save on energy bills with your heating and air conditioning system.

These thermostats will allow you to program your heating and cooling needs around your family's activities.

This can save an enormous amount of energy.

If no one is home during the typical Monday to Friday school and work week then you would program your heating or cooling loads to me at a minimum during this time.

You would then program the system to ramp up before you get home. The same can be done during the night when everyone is asleep.

Thinking Green

Thinking green these days is not only the trend, it's probably here to stay.

So if budget allows, you may want to consider a geothermal system and solar powered systems.

If you are planning to live in your newly remodeled home for a while this should be a real consideration.

More and more people are turning to alternative energies for a variety of reasons.

Certainly the majority are looking for lower operating costs.

With a properly sized and designed system, you can cut your bills by 30 - 50%. In addition, these systems have a lower maintenance cost than conventional equipment as well as a longer life expectancy.

Then of course, there is the small matter of our environment.

Geothermal systems provide a non-polluting way to heat and cool your home as well as eliminate the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and potential gas leaks.

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