Decorating Small Spaces and Tips for Apartment Life

When it comes to living in a small space, like an apartment, one feeling is universal. You want to make it your own.

Whether you're living in Austin, TX, or Boston, MA you will want to make a plain, generic space into a unique home with your own personality.

Doing this without making any permanent changes to the property can be a challenge, but it's possible to make small changes to give your own small space some personal style.

Change the Walls

In many apartment complexes, paint and wallpaper are strictly forbidden. However, there is another method for changing your walls that is temporary without looking like it.

It gives your room the look of rich, textured wallpaper and can be removed in a matter of minutes. The secret of this room transformation is fabric.

Choose a rich design and purchase enough to cover one wall or an entire room. Mix up a batch of thick laundry starch and use it as wallpaper paste. When the paste dries, your room will look like a professional paperhanger was there. When you're tired of it, a small misting of water will loosen the starch and a quick tug pulls the fabric from the walls.

Make It Roomy

Give your small space a roomier look by getting rid of the clutter.

Choose smaller pieces of furniture, such as love seats instead of a couch, to take up less space. Purchase furniture and accessories that have more than one function, such as footstools with storage bins in the base, to keep clutter to a minimum while having your belongings close at hand.

Use empty space under beds and living room furniture as storage space for out-of-season clothing and other rarely used items.

Display only two or three items out of a collection and store the rest, rotating the display on a regular basis for interest. Install wall sconces and hanging lamps to avoid the clutter of floor lamps and table lamps taking up your room. Making your apartment into your own unique home doesn't have to mean permanent change.

It simply requires some creativity and a willingness to try different ways of doing things to achieve the same results.

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