How to Effectively Dampen Sound in Your Home

Dampening the sound in your home may be necessary if you enjoy loud media or frequently hold events for friends and family members. If you live in an apartment this precaution becomes all the more crucial. But how can you hope to lessen the impact of sound in your living space?

1. Place Items on the Wall

When it comes to reducing the amount of noise that comes from a specific room, it does not hurt to hang items on the wall. These items can be tapestries or framed pictures, depending on the design scheme that you wish to go for. You do not have to treat these new items as an annoyance; if you should so choose, you can integrate them into the look that you want for your home. If you need to take them down for cleaning or maintenance, make sure that they are put back up as soon as possible.

2. Use Carpets or Rugs for the Floor

In an effort to reduce the amount of noise that can come from walking around or dropping items, use carpets and rugs. When you do this, anybody that may be on a floor below you will not hear when you drop a spoon or walk across the room in heavy shoes. If you are new to the area, you need to think about how you can be courteous towards other renters; they want to be comfortable in their home, as well.

3. Keep Audio Equipment Away From The Wall

When the television or any audio speakers are located right next to a wall, the sound that is emitted can be heard from another room at a greater rate. Even if you have chosen to hang things from the wall, it will not help much if you place the sounds closer to an outside entity. Do what you can to keep these electronics away from where they can be heard by outside people, and your room will prove dampening for audio. Use common sense and everybody will be satisfied with your situation.

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