Construction Manager

A Construction manager can either work for an organization or be an individual consultant that plans, directs and coordinates all facets of a project for a fee.

They are responsible to channel all information to all parties involved.

They also possess a myriad of talents including being very organized and detail oriented, they are creative and able to multi task efficiently.

Their role is similar to that of an architect, but usually at a slightly lower fee. They also will generally have a very good pool of contacts for hiring subcontractors. The following is a list of some of the more important tasks they perform.

  • Apply for and secure all permits and licenses
  • Procure materials
  • Interview and hire subcontractors
  • Create and monitor project schedule
  • Direct site meetings
  • Interpret blue prints
  • Secure outstanding information
  • Maintain project budget

They are generally hired by you and will act as your representative. This means that you will have a knowledgeable ally looking out for your best interest. That said, you still must do diligence. Check references as you would any other construction or design build firm.

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